What’s included in a private session?

A session consists of 45 minutes of me channeling your spirit, allowing you to have a conversation with your higher self. During the last 10 -15 minutes I channel healing energy into your body to intensify the body's natural ability to heal.

What should I ask/talk to my spirit about?

If there’s an area of your life that is not flowing smoothly, that feels stuck or uncomfortable, let’s ask your spirit about it. In the past my clients have received help on issues such as physical symptoms, relationship struggles, financial problems, career changes, and releasing fears and negative patterns.

As we talk I will watch your energy. How your energy moves and changes color reveals a great deal about your personality and the style of your relationships.


Where are you located?

I live near Charlotte, NC. I see clients in person (in my home office) and via Zoom. 


What should I bring?

Questions - Before your session jot down some questions or issues that you would like to gain clarity on.

A Recording device - You’re welcome to record to your session on your smart phone or recorder.

Photos of anyone that you'd like to talk to your spirit about.

Does the session need to be done in person?

No. I offer sessions via Zoom or phone to clients throughout the US and in other countries. All we need is an internet or phone connection. As soon as I hear your voice I can feel your energy and connect with your spirit.


How do I make an appointment?

You can email me at Either myself or my assistant will get back to you promptly.


How do I pay for my session?

You can pay with cash or check if the session is in person, or use Venmo or the PayPal buttons below to pay for a session. When you book your session I'll send you my Venmo name.

BEFORE you pay for a session, please contact me. If you're seeking guidance from your spirit on physical symptoms, then I ask that you first email me a recent photo of yourself and one or 2 sentences about your symptoms. I'll sit in meditation and connect to your spirit and confirm that I can help. And if you're seeking guidance on other matters - spiritual guidance, relationship advice, stress management, etc - then no photo is necessary (everyone's spirit wants to give advice on those matters!) Thank you.

The cost of a session is $400.00

Emergency Session

Emergency Session: One is available each week for clients who do not want to wait. The cost is $500.

PLEASE reach out to me via email if you're in need of a session at my earliest possible convenience.

Private Sessions

An Hour of Conversation with your Spirit and Healing Energy with Christine