Live Demonstration

What is Your Body Trying to Tell You? 


Your body is speaking to you through physical symptoms, telling you how you can live with more joy & less stress.  You can interpret these messages!


In this presentation, held at a Spark Networking Event  in Charlotte, Christine will demonstrate her ability to discover the messages contained within physical symptoms by offering mini-readings to select audience members.

Attend this fun networking Meetup group and witness the truth behind the statement:

Your body is sending you messages about your health, your stress, and your life!


Learn about the Spark sessions Networking Group here: 

  • Date: Thursday Feb 20th  

  • Location:  Hygge Coworking Space at Camp North End, 330 Camp Rd, Charlotte Directions

  • Time: 9am-10:30am

  • Cost: $11 if prepaid/$15 at the door

Developing Intuition &

Working with Healing Energy







  • Expand your awareness to develop your intuition

  • Increase your sensitivity to your spirit’s attempts to guide you

  • Gain insight about what your physical symptoms are telling you

  • Learn a style of meditation that helps you receive messages from your spirit

  • Learn to work with healing energy – feeling it and channeling it through your hands


In this workshop, my goal is not to simply activate your ability to channel healing energy; I also want to increase your sensitivity to your spirit’s guidance.  I want to help you establish a connection with your spirit so that you feel guided about making changes in your life as well as giving yourself an energy treatment.


Workshop Details

Email for future dates

Time: 10am - 3:30pm

Cost: $200.00

Location: Huntersville (address given upon registration)

Registration is required. 

Advanced Healing - 3rd Attunement Workshop

Year-long Class series (6 individual classes)
Next Class Forming Now (Email for details)

This on-going class series will teach additional energy healing techniques, as well as a variety of methods to develop your intuition and communicate with your spirit.  My goal is for you to gain the ability to communicate more directly with your spirit so that you become proficient at healing yourself and others.


This 6-class series is designed to provide you with a deeper understanding of yourself and the Universe, and to experience personal growth and healing that is profound.


Each class will cover:

  • Meditation techniques to practice hearing one’s spirit 

  • More energy healing skills

  • Intuition building exercises

  • Additional healing modalities such as homeopathic remedies

  • Flower essences and healing stones


Each class meets from 10am-3:30pm on a Saturday or Sunday,

dates chosen by the participants voting.

Cost: $175 per class