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Interactive Lecture on Stress

How do you help your employees understand

and manage their stress?

Each person internalizes stress differently, and how you accumulate stress reveals insights about your personality.

The areas where we each store stress in the body tend to be tight and often symptomatic (i.e. low back pain, stiff neck, tight stomach, etc.). My lectures offer information about how & why we each store stress in our body.

My lectures help each person learn how he processes stress, and the most effective ways to manage his own stress. Different techniques are offered, including simple practices that are easily utilized.

Audience members typically report feeling intrigued and hopeful, as they’ve gained an understanding of themselves and powerful tools to minimize their stress levels.

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Joe Himmelspach
Practice Manager - Southlake Psychiatry

“Christine’s lectures are incredible as well as informative. She is, above all, down to earth in her insistence that if she’s taking some of your time, she will deliver real results. Her speaking style is powerful yet practical, engaging and inspiring.”