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Developing Intuition & Learning to Work with Healing Energy

Most of us suffer from too little sleep and too much stress. This translates to a body that runs on insufficient energy much of the time. This means that ‘extra projects’, like repairing a torn ligament or improving digestive functioning, are usually put off until such time as the body has ample energy.


Offering additional energy to your body can help you maintain a higher level of health and increase your rate of healing.


When I offer an Intuitive Energy Workshop, my goal is not to simply activate your ability to channel healing energy. It is also to help you develop your own intuition as you channel energy into yourself and others. Being ‘intuitive’ refers to the ability to tune in to your own inner knowing, that inner wisdom that guides us when we get quiet and open up to what is true.


I offer a one day workshop for beginners, and a 2-day event for more advanced lessons in healing and communicating with the spirit world.

Both classes are described below.

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Workshop 1

Developing Intuition & Working with Energy

In this workshop you will:

  • Expand your awareness and increase your intuition

  • Increase your sensitivity to your spirit’s attempts to guide you

  • Gain insight about what your physical symptoms are telling you

  • Learn a style of meditation that helps you receive messages from your spirit

  • Learn to work with healing energy – feeling it and channeling it through your hands

During this workshop, my goal is not to simply activate your ability to channel healing energy; I also want to increase your sensitivity to your spirit’s guidance.  I want you to help you establish enough of a connection with your spirit that you feel guided about making changes in your life and giving yourself an energy treatment. 

Cost: $200.

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Workshop 2

Communication with Your Spirit & Performing Healing Treatments

Two-Day Workshop with Christine Lang,

Medical Intuitive and founder of Intuitive Energy Healing

In this weekend workshop you will:

  • Receive guidance to help you hear your spirit during meditation

  • Increase your intuition using exercises that develop your energetic awareness

  • Study the chakras and their significance to healing work

  • Practice balancing chakras

  • Learn to understand the messages underlying common symptoms

  • Begin to feel negative energy in the body and learn how to clear it

  • Deepen your meditation practice

  • Learn to move your energy consciously and feel where you’re vibrating

  • Practice interpreting messages from the spirit world

  • Learn to do long-distance healing work

Cost: $400.

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Workshop 3

Advanced Healers Classes/3rd Attunement Series

This is an ongoing class series for those who have completed workshops 1 & 2.

These classes will cover additional energy healing techniques, as well as teachings on other healing modalities (Homeopathy, Flower Essences, etc).  We will also focus on deepening your ability to develop your intuition and communicate with your spirit. 


My goal is for you to gain the ability to communicate more directly with your spirit so that you become proficient at healing yourself and others, so each class will include meditation/channeling experience as well.


This series is designed to provide you with a deeper understanding of yourself and the Universe, and to experience personal growth and healing that is profound.

$175 per class