About Christine

My Story

As a young lawyer I was plagued by constant allergies. Determined to find a cure, I voraciously studied different types of alternative medicine, focusing on homeopathy and Reiki energy healing.


I cured my allergies, and along the way discovered an amazing gift- the abity to see energy and have conversations with people's spirits!


Now I work as a medical intuitive, helping people understand how their physical symptoms frequently contain messages from their spirits. So often our spirit will use physical symptoms to direct us to areas of our life that need to be changed, or to beliefs we have that are inaccurate.


By understanding the messages contained within our symptoms, we can resolve issues and then release stored tension, supporting the body's natural healing processes.


In a session I become the translator for a client’s spirit, allowing the client to engage in profound conversations with her spirit and learn about healthier relationships, reducing self-judgment, forgiveness and healing on every level.


Your spirit’s goal, and mine, is to give you clarity. Each session is specific to the issues you feel need addressing, and is geared towards empowering you with the knowledge of your next highest choice, or plan of action.