Christine Lang

Medical Intuitive

You know if it's time.


Time to get answers. Guidance. Loving support from the spirit world.


I'm blessed with the ability to perceive your energy and to hear my spirit and yours. Let's use my abilities to help you experience amazing new results.


My Services


Private Sessions

Christine offers private sessions for those seeking clarity on a variety of topics: physical symptoms, relationship issues, spiritual guidance and improved well-being.

Each session consists of approximately 45 minutes of channeled guidance from your spirit, and 15 minutes of energy healing work.

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Reiki Treatment

Workshop & Lectures

The more connected you are to your spirit, the more joyful & empowered you will feel!

So the primary goal in Christine's lectures and workshops is to help each person connect more fully with his/her spirit. 

As you learn more about how your spirit is guiding you, peace and clarity will be the result!

Christine lectures on a variety of topics, including: The Meaning Behind Common Physical Symptoms, Working with Healing Energy Around You, Enlightened Parenting, and Developing Your Own Intuition.

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Meditation Class
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Online Courses

Communicating with Your Spirit

Level 1


Having conversations with my Spirit has brought me more peace - and more empowerment! - than any other practice in my life.

So teaching this skill to others feels like “paying it forward”, helping others to experience the delight and calm certainty that can come from getting specific answers to the questions that we all have.

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Team Talk

Life Tools

Tools to help you live a more spiritual, powerful life immediately!

The Tiny Classes - each less than 10 minutes - are designed to give you a quick shift.

The Guided meditations are there to help you quickly release your daily stress!

Powerful tools to help you integrate the wisdom from the spirit world!

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Kristin Kirk, LCSW

Clinical Social Work/Therapist

"Christine’s work is an exquisite gift to those that find their way into her care or tutelage.  She has courageously followed the path less traveled, offering her intuitive skills into aspects of her client’s lives that have escaped resolution from traditional and conventional attention.  As health and healing continue to evolve, we will undoubtedly see Christine’s intuitive and energetic repertoire on the leading edge of transformational treatment. Whether seeking Christine’s gifts as a client or student, her enlightened and subtle work is nothing short of remarkable.  I am grateful for the myriad of ways she has helped my family and for the way her work has deepened my work as a therapist."


2017 E. 7th Street
Charlotte, NC  28204

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